Dance Moms Episode 2 “Return of the Candy Apples”

The heat is on as Abby Lee and the Abby Lee Dance Company head to Columbus, Ohio. Of course this isn’t just any competition. This is the competition in the homeland of the infamous Candy Apples Dance Studio aka an Abby Lee vs. Cathie Nesbitt showdown.  Sidenote: Does anyone think of the scene in Toy Story when Buzz is at the tea party and says “But I’m Mrs. Nesbitt!!” everytime she says her last name? That’s just me? Alright then, moving on.

The episode started out with Abby telling the girls that even though they won first place, they did a horrible job. She especially cornered Kendall stating that this  upcoming competition was her chance to get a jacket or go back to regular dance classes. Jill tried to stand up for Kendall, but of course Abby cut in, “We don’t get to talk! It’s my turn!” Jill did you learn nothing from season 1? Zip it, girl…for your own well-being.

Christy and Kelley go to lunch to chat. Which basically means the ladies meet up to connive different ways to create drama within the dance mom crew. In this particular scheme-session, Christy says she is going to pull out old score sheets in which Chloe competed against Kendall so she can prove to Jill that Chloe beat her. Is this really necessary?

The next scene cuts to Candy Apples where Cathy is training her girls to beat Abby Lee. Luckily, some classic Vivi-Anne moments were thrown in. Like when Cathy said “Dance like you want a puppy!” Apparently she has to be bribed to dance. Then a catastrophe occurred. Cathy accidently cut Vivi’s finger with her ring. The horror! Vivi showed her concern saying,  “I cut my finger on my mom’s ring. I hope I can still dance.” Seriously Cathy, let the girl play softball!

In a whirlwind, Kelley and Abby get into it. You see, Kelley takes some props downstairs and Abby is upset she interrupted. They fight about what is clearly no reason at all and Abby questions if Kelley is drunk. In turn, Kelley has a slight breakdown and is contemplating whether or not she is torturing her kids by having them in dance.

Bus time! I can say with confidence that all bus drivers probably dread driving with Abby Lee. The whole time she calls them “Bus Driver…whatever their name is” and yells at them for not taking the best route. It is sort of entertaining. Jill wrangled Melissa into helping her get Abby a gift this week. They together got her a gold ring. Then Abby asked if next week they could bring her a husband. Personally I think this sounds like an amazing spinoff for Lifetime. Abby Lee: Dancing for Love. That would definitely be on the DVR!

The girls get to the competition and first thing, Cathy invites them to a private party. It’s all kinds of awkward. Cathy tries to persuade them to leave Abby Lee Dance Company. Obviously none of them are going to move to the dancing capitol of the world, Ohio, to join Candy Apples.

During competition, the Candy Apples surprisingly does well. Abby gets really nervous. However, the Abby Lee Dance Company ends up beating them. There are a few age questions though and they find out Cathie has been lying about her dancers’ age. Not surprising. She’s shady.

It was a win for Abby Lee, but I think the real winner of the episode was apple analogies.

“We’re all going to take a big bite out of the big apple.”

“I want you to make applesauce!”

“I want you to overturn that apple cart!”

“I think it’s time for some pork chops and applesauce.”

Nice Abby Lee, nice.