Dance Moms Episode 3 “Brooke’s Turning Point”

Move over Maddie, this week’s episode starts with a new girl on top of the pyramid. Brooke! Nevermind the fact that Abby told Maddie the reason that she wasn’t on top was because she is doing consistently perfect and not improving.  Whatever that means…

Since Brooke is on top, she gets the lead in the dance. Abby picks a lovely song called Born to Dance in which the girls are supposed to represent the birthing process. Um, ew. Yep, it is just as awkward as you would imagine.

Brooke knows there is a lot of pressure on her since she is the lead this week. However, she is conflicted with a decision, to continue dance or join the cheer squad. After some persuading from the cheer coach, Brooke decides to try out. And she makes it!

As you can imagine, this does not fly with Abby Lee. When Kelly finally tells her that Brooke is doing cheerleading instead of dance, Abby freaks out a little. “She is screwing us! She is screwing me I can feel it!” Yep, that is a direct quote from Abby Lee…eerrrr

Abby tells Kelly she is a bad parent for allowing her daughter to back out of the competition. Christy butts in and tells Abby that the moms are supportive of Brooke’s decision. Abby fights back saying, “Ya you are. You want your daughter to get the lead!” Which is SO the truth.

Abby takes the hurt of Brooke’s betrayal to the next level. She decides she isn’t going with the girls to the competition.  Last minute we see Abby walking to the bus looking glum as ever. She came. The moms are annoyed, but more than anything I bet that bus driver is annoyed. “BUS DRIVER JIM! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THAT EXIT THERE! RA RA RA!”

Melissa gets an unexpected phone call on the bus from Cathie. Abby is seriously upset. “That is so unethical” I think Cathie is just staying in touch with Melissa to try to persuade Maddie to join Candy Apples…which would be an obviously bad business move for her. For real. We find out through all of this drama, that Candy Apples will be competing at the competition.

At the competition, Mackenzie gets a solo. I feel kind of bad for Mackenzie. She is sort of the Ashlee Simpson to Maddie’s Jessica. The entire time she was dancing I was imagining the song  “Shadow” playing in the background. In the end Mackenzie won! So, what now JESSICA!?

Chloe and Maddie had to go head to head in the competition. Chloe did a lyrical dance to probably the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life. For real, where do they get these songs?? And Maddie did a cute little jazz number. She also had the best headpiece ever. I found myself wishing I was wearing it. Surprisingly, Chloe beat Maddie. It was a first, but Abby told Melissa that the reason Maddie didn’t when because she is too professional. Abby just can’t let Chloe shine!

As the group set out to perform their number, Abby led them in an encouraging speech, “Let’s show Brooke that she is worthless and we don’t need her.” If that doesn’t encourage you to dance, what will?

Candy Apples performed a horrible dance where they basically twirled around and lifted Vivi-Anne all while wearing dresses that looked like Cinderella got a bit tipsy with a Bedazzler. The dance made no sense.  In result, they got 8th place. Abby Lee got 1st. Booyah  Cathie!

After the dance, Abby went to go “congratulate” Candy Apples. AKA get her bee costume back. Cathie gave it to Goodwill. Drama Ensues! And off went another Christy/Cathie showdown where Cathie brought out such disses as “Nose!” and “Disco Ball!” Seriously, that woman should write a diss book.

Until next Tuesday, keep living on the dance floor.

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